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My year as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar in Graz, Austria. Yes, there are other cities in Austria besides Vienna.

26. September 2006

Cows and Paris Hilton. Full circle.

  • Reading: Wladimer Kaminer Russendisko Info

  • Listening to: Lily Allen: Alright Still: Friday Nigth

  • German Word of the Day: die Intressengruppe

  • Translation: lobby

  • Example: Wegen der Intressegruppe heisst es Soja-Drink, nicht Soja-Milch./Because of the lobby, it's called "Soy Drink", not "Soy Milk."

When living in Austria, I don't really drink much milk, except in my tea, and I'm partial to soy milk, vanilla in particular. I had a tough time finding it the first few weeks I was here, and Ada explained to me that it's called Soy Drink instead of Soy Milk because the farmer lobby doesn't want anything taking away from their milk sales.

Can't you just picture a bunch of farmers with their cows on the steps of parliament?

In other news, I've been asked why I'm not at Oktoberfest. I have one answer:

She has besmirched the dirndl. I am upset.


At 26 September, 2006 16:49, Anonymous Anonym said...

Paris Hilton in a dirndl? Some things are just wrong.

Tomorrow I will mention this to my (Austrian) pedagogy prof. I'm sure she'll agree.



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