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My year as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar in Graz, Austria. Yes, there are other cities in Austria besides Vienna.

15. Oktober 2006

Evil squirrels

  • Reading: Neon, October edition

  • Listening to: C+C Music Factory: Gonna Make you Sweat (being played by the people up on the roof. Hey, at least they're moving on to the early 90s instead of playing 80s David Hasselhof. Or worse, current David Hasselhof.)

  • German Word of the Day: das Eichhörnchen

  • Translation: squirrel

  • Example: Es hat Monate gedauert, bis ich "Eichhörnchen" aussprechen konnte./It took months until I could correctly pronounce the German word for squirrel.

Today I went for a hike, astounded at the fact that it was mid-October and I could hike in capris and a t-shirt without dying of frostbite. I'm so glad I'm here instead of in MI. The squirrels here must feel bad for you Michiganders, though, because as I was marveling at my fortune, an acorn conked me on the head.

I still love fall, though. It's my favorite season, mostly because of Halloween. The Girls are excited because we're having a party. Halloween really isn't celebrated here, but, much like everything else American, it has infested various corners of the globe. Chrissi and I are going as vampires. I just bought vampire teeth and I have the wardrobe (anything black) in spades; the only problem is my garlic consumption. I'll have to abstain the week prior to really get into character.

We're going to be celebrating Thanksgiving. Yay for celebrating, boo because I'll be doing most of the cooking. This is where I get off my high "I'm not here to meet Americans" horse, though, because we're getting an American roommate as of 1. Nov.! Yay! At least she can help with the cooking. So far on my list I've got turkey (have to find a non-turkey option, as Eva doesn't dig on meat), green bean casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, and pumpkin pie. Am I missing anything?

We don't have access to any football that day, which makes me sad. I never thought I'd say that. I'm sure there will be soccer on somewhere in the world.


At 15 Oktober, 2006 13:27, Anonymous Anonym said...

Hmm, in terms of non-turkey options, a nut roast would be good, but it's kind of time-consuming to make. You could also make some kind of bean loaf. And there's always fake meat. It's probably best just to ask Eva. I can also give you a recipe for meatless gravy if you want.


At 15 Oktober, 2006 21:26, Anonymous Queen Bee said...

one word : tofurkey!



you're missing something cranberry! i usually do cranberry jello shots as i'm not a huge fan of the cranberry sauce, and it adds a little fun to the day! and dinner rolls. dinner rolls warmed in the oven, crunchy on the outside, warm and gooey and buttery on the inside. that's how you do a thanksgiving day dinner roll right. <3

At 16 Oktober, 2006 15:06, Anonymous Kate said...

What about roasted chestnuts? You could put them in the oven with the turkey (just on a separate plate and right on the bottom shelf). I always do them when I can convince myself to roast a goose for St. Martin (more or less the catholic equivalent to Thanksgiving) so you should be able to get them in Graz. I guess they would be called Maroni.
(I found you through Gentry's journal and enjoy your reports from Austria - I live in Munich, Bavaria)


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