Kim's Austrian Adventure

My year as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar in Graz, Austria. Yes, there are other cities in Austria besides Vienna.

26. Oktober 2006

Why, Bob? Why?

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  • German Word of the Day: We already had one. See, this is the benefit of posting twice in one day. Convienently, it also had something to do with screaming.

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I'm all for humane treatment. I am, you see, an Ambassadorial Scholar. Diplomatic. I see both sides of the story. However, this... this is too much for words. The creator should be brought before a tribunal, tried and voted off, or get his license revoked, or however they do it on Broadway.

Click here to see an extremely disturbing (yet safe for work) sight. Scarier than anything on Halloween.

Why is he singing and dancing like Elvis? Did he confuse the two? Why is his guitar (which is only a prop) so hideous? Why is he barefoot? Why is he wearing suspenders? Why are those people bouncing on balls? Do they think this is a workout video? Who's playing the harmonica I hear? Why why why?

What terrifies me the most is that Dylan gave this the green light. But then again, I suppose lurking in the background of Victoria's Secret commericals is a slippery slope....