Kim's Austrian Adventure

My year as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar in Graz, Austria. Yes, there are other cities in Austria besides Vienna.

6. Februar 2007

A few questions

  • Reading: Wolf Haas: Der Knochenmann

  • Listening to: Poni Hoax: Budapest

  • German Word of the Day: neu anpassen

  • Translation: reassimilate

  • Example: Es wird immer schwieriger, mich neu anzupassen./It gets harder and harder for me to reassimilate.
    While cleaning out my desk, I found a paper from way back in 2002. It's a list of questions that were asked of German exchange students in America, and it makes me cringe.
  • Can women in Germany pick their own husbands?
  • Do you guys drink beer for breakfast? (Kim note: if you haven't gone to bed until 7am or woke up after 12pm...ahem)
  • How can you guys drive in a big city when there isn't a speed limit?
  • Do you have trees and mountains?
  • Are there still signs that say "No Jews Allowed"? (Agh. Do we still have signs that say "Whites only"?!)
  • How do you wash your hair?
  • Is Hitler still your president?
  • Do you have any cars other than Volkswagen?
  • Do you have the color white?
  • You have your own language? I thought you spoke English with an accent!
  • Do you ride horses to school?
  • What do the stars in Germany look like?
  • How many months do you have in Germany?
  • Are there problems on the German-Chinese border?
  • Do you have something like democracy in Germany?
  • Is Germany a part of Russia?

I would say that none of these questions would be asked about Austria, but that's probably just because most Americans think that Austria is a part of Germany.


At 06 Februar, 2007 13:42, Blogger Adrienne said...

Actually, most Americans think that Austria is a small continent south of Asia where you can find kangaroos and koalas... hence your problems with the postal service!


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